Vosh Tanduu

Twi'lek Jedi Master


A tall pale Twi’lek, Vosh Tanduu is a talkative and charismatic Jedi master. He prefers to use words to diffuse situations before any other skill at his disposal. He believes that the universe itself is alive (at least in a sense0 and that the force is an extension of that. He believes that the force calls everyone to a specific path but it is up to each individual to commune with the force and determine what that path is. He has encouraged his students over the years to detach themselves from any and all ties that could cause them to be influenced over the voice of the force.


Born on Ryloth and discovered by the Jedi order at the age of 1, Vosh Tanduu has dedicated his life the power of the light side of the force.

Vosh Tanduu

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